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Spring is Here: a Perfect Time to Improve Skin

Spring represents rebirth, an awakening.  What a perfect time to bring to life your skin with Phytoceramides!

joyful and invigoratedPhytoceramides are natural, plant-based ceramides identical to those we produce.  Ceramides are essential for skin barrier protection functions, for moisture-retention and healthy skin.

We lose ceramides in our skin as we age (production slows), much like most other important elements – collagen is a notable element.  As we produce less, skin is dryer, less firm and less protected.

By taking 1 phytoceramide daily, we replenish the supply naturally!  Ceramides rise up from the lowest levels of the skin to the surface in about a month to 45 days, and with a daily replenishment and periodic exfoliation (we love Dry Skin Brushing), your skin will soon be in great shape.

Bring on the spring, and bring on better skin now!

Sublime Beauty® Phytoceramides (rice-based and gluten-free) are available on the company webstore and on Amazon.

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