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Sublime Beauty® is a quality anti-aging skincare company. The theme of the company is “Aging Younger”. Our products replenish ingredients and elements that are lost through aging and time to build healthy skin and quality.


Kathy Heshelow founded Sublime Beauty, and she is also the author of “Phytoceramides: Anti Aging at its Best”, available on Amazon.  She says:

Sublime-Skin.2“We are most focused on skin health, especially aging skin.  As a baby boomer, I am experiencing how skin changes and are concerned with the best skin possible without invasive operations.”

“Many of our skincare topicals
at Sublime Beauty® include ingredients like the peptide Matrixyl®, known to double collagen production; Argireline®, known as the natural botox; Renovage®, developed in France to reduce the 8 signs of aging; Hyacare Filler® CL, a dermal filler compound to reduce wrinkles, and more!”

“We felt that natural Phytoceramides fit right into our strategy for healthy skin.  I added them to our product selection after testing them on myself for several months. I was delighted with the results!”

The corporate site for Sublime Beauty® is found at www.sublime-beauty.net


Sublime Beauty® products are sold on its webstore, SublimeBeautyShop.com and on Amazon.


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Sublime Beauty® is a big fan of dry Skin Brushing, and has introduced many to this very healthy practice. It is a great fit for those who take Phytoceramides, as it aids the skin in exfoliation, better circulation and lymphatic processes, and more! We also have a website devoted to Skin Brushing at www.skin-brushing.com.


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