Exciting New Anti-Aging Pill: Rice-Derived Phytoceramides from Sublime Beauty®

phyto in center older couple in whiteAnti-Aging just got easier with Phytoceramides.

Why? Phytocermaides replenish the diminished ceramides in aging skin, bringing back vigor, moisture, radiance and strength. Ceramides, lipids which make up 40% of our skin in youth, are responsible for moisture-retention, barrier protection and more. When ceramides diminish – along with collagen – wrinkles, lines, cracks, sags and thinning occurs.

Phytoceramides bring back what is lost within a month (the amount of time skin journeys from deeper levels to the surface).

Sublime Beauty’s Easy 6 Step Plan helps with an anti-aging strategy from the inside and outside to “Age Younger”.

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