Fake a Facelift with Phytoceramides?

Phyto Tilts Head Bottle“Fake a Facelift” is what Dr. Oz said Phytoceramides could do on one of his recent shows.

What exactly do they do?  Phytoceramides replenish important ceramides in our skin which diminish with age. Ceramides keep the skin hydrated, plump and healthy and are key in barrier protection.

When you take a Phytoceramide capsule, natural ceramides are delivered to the deepest levels of skin and replenish supplies. They work their way up to the surface in the normal and continual journey.  You WON’T see immediate changes in the skin due to this, but you WILL in about a month.  That is, skin takes about 30 days to make its journey to the surface but it could be 40 or days when we are older.

Skin will begin to hold moisture again and be less dry; it will become plumper and younger-looking; skin tone will even out and lines will diminish; the beginning of a rejuvenation will be observed!

We recommend to boost collagen in the skin which also diminishes to really make a wonderful difference. We also encourage daily Skin Brushing to exfoliate and boost blood circulation while assisting the lymphatic system.

In fact, we have a brochure, the easy 6 Step System to Enhance Phytoceramide Use. Anti-aging became alot easier!