Improve Skin Naturally, From the Inside

Aging Skin Loses Ceramides, Which Means Less Moisture, Less Barrier Protection and Less Radiance.

ceramides in human skinCeramides make up about 40% of our skin when younger, but like Collagen, it diminishes with time and age. Skin is left dryer, wrinkled, sagging and not as healthy.

Phytoceramides are natural plant-based ceramides you take orally – you replenish your skin’s ceramides naturally within a month!  Japan has used them for over a decade with no adverse problems or reactions, and the FDA approved their sale in the U.S.  Dr. Oz and two plastic surgeons discussed Phytoceramides on his show recently.

Cover-Template v4Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty, understands that anything new is confusing. She wrote a simple book about Phytoceramides to demystify the subject and help get potential consumers informed. The book is available at Amazon.

The strategy Sublime Beauty believes to be most effective for skin care? 

** Care for skin on the outside AND on the inside.
** Use serums and creams with peptides that boost collagen production (like Matrixyl and Trylagen); moisturize well according to skin type
** Shield from the sun
** Use products that heal and protect against oxidation (Retinol, Renovage, Vitamin C)
** Drink lots of water, eat healthy foods that feed the skin and nourish the body and include a daily Phytoceramide
** Skin Brush to exfoliate the body, boost circulation, aid the lymphatic system; exfoliate the skin with gentle scrubs, light face brushing or such ingredients as the AHAs (glycolic, salicylic, lactic acids)