Sublime Beauty® Launches Phytoceramides, Ultimate in Anti-Aging

Sublime Beauty® focuses on quality anti-aging skincare and now adds an Beauty with Phytoceramidesultimate tool, Phytoceramides.

“We believe skincare should work from both the inside-out and outside-in,” says Sublime Beauty® founder Kathy Heshelow. “Phytoceramides provide a natural way to improve skin from the inside-out, and we offer the superior Rice-derived capsules.”

Ceramides make up 40% of our skin but diminish as we age. Ceramides are lipids responsible for moisture, plumpness and protection of skin. In order to step up the diminishing ceramides, Phytoceramides do the job at the cellular level, delivered from the digestive system to skin. It takes 30 days for skin to make its way from the lower levels to surface of the skin.

The new Phytoceramides are available at and on Amazon.

The company has a website full of information plus a 6 step guide to enhancing Phytoceramide work to “Age Younger”.

“We are thrilled that our clients can take skin care results to the next level with Phytoceramides,” says Heshelow.