Phytoceramides Rejuvenate Skin From the Inside, Naturally

Mature happy in orange with PhytoEveryone of a certain age contends with issues of aging skin: drying, sagging, thinning skin that wrinkles.

Add a new step to your routine: take one Phytoceramide capsule per day!  Phytoceramides offer a new way to rejuvenate skin from the inside-out.

Phytoceramides are natural plant-derived ceramides (identical to human ceramides). Ceramides make up about 40% of younger skin, responsible for moisture-retention, plumping skin, protecting collagen and good barrier protection to the environment.  They subside as we age, unfortunately.

Phytoceramides deliver ceramides back to the skin at the deepest levels, and they then “percolate up” to the skin surface in the normal turnover process of skin. As they repopulate skin, it becomes plumper, moister and healthier.

Sublime Beauty® founder, Kathy Heshelow, is launching a book about Phytoceramides later this week. “Phytoceramides are new in the U.S., and I want to offer information and education about them. The Japanese have been using them for more than a decade, and Europeans as well.”

Sublime Beauty® Phytoceramides are made from the superior rice-derived ceramides.  Start this simple process today!