Skin Brushing Enhances Phytoceramide Use; Glamour Magazine Mentions Sublime Beauty® Brush

Close up of young beautiful womanSkin is forever turning over, shedding and renewing itself. When we use Phytoceramides, the newly replenished ceramides will “percolate up” from deeper levels to the surface of skin.


Skin Brushing is a perfect way to help skin exfoliation, and help reveal refreshed skin. As we age, we become less able to shed and throw off those dead cells and toxins, so dry brushing is a smart move.
But Skin Brushing brings us more benefits:

– it boosts blood circulation, helping the blood to deliver important nutrients throughout the body
– it helps move the lymphatic system which has no natural pump (important for the immune system)
Glamour_June_2012_cover– it helps keep cellulite away or helps to reduce it
– it helps boost mood



Sublime Beauty’s perfect skin brush is mentioned in the June 2014 edition of Glamour Magazine, out May 13th. The company has a full website devoted to Skin Brushing to learn how to do it, and more juicy details.  The Skin Brush is available on the company webstore (


The company also has a Facebook page called We Love Skin Brushing.