Watch the Improvement in Your Skin Over a Month – and Beyond!

Just One Phytoceramide Per Day (2 Seconds Out of your Day!) and See The Rewards Within a Month!

woman-checking-skin in mirror matureWhy one month? This is the average amount of time it takes for your skin to turn over. New ceramides will be replenished at the deepest levels of your skin, and they will work their way up to the surface.

As they approach and then reach the surface, you will notice that your skin is softer, is dewier and feels better.

As long as your ceramides are continuing replenished, your skin will benefit!

But it isn’t just cosmetic: replenishing and thickening the skin to younger levels increases your Barrier Protection Functions! This is especially important as we advance in age, as some weaknesses and illnesses can occur through a weakened barrier protection.

Just one per day – and see the benefits to your well-being and looks!  Take a look at our Rice-based Phytoceramides!