Easy to Do Daily, Effective in the Long Term!

Everyone is busy these days!  We love effective products that are easy to implement into the daily routine.  Phytoceramides are exactly that!

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Take one capsule daily – we recommend at the same time each day to set up a routine for your body.  And isn’t that what makes it easy?  I take mine each morning after breakfast, so it is easy to remember.


Phytoceramides are plant-based ceramides, identical to those produced by us humans!  Each year, our bodies product less ceramides (and less of almost everything), which causes the signs of aging. In the case of ceramides, it means the functions of moisture-retention, barrier controls against the environment and plumpness of skin are affected.  Thinning skin that isn’t doing everything it should is aging, to be sure.Mature happy in orange with Phyto


When you take a phytoceramide, you are replenishing ceramides at the deepest levels of skin, and they “percolate” up as the skin makes it journey to the surface. For that reason, you will NOT see immediate affects, but stick with it – you will!


Our superior Rice-Based Phytoceramides are available on the Sublime Webstore (free standard shipping and VIP points) or Amazon (great for Prime members who get 2 day free shipping.)  We offer a discount for purchase of 2 or more on both site – since skin takes at least 30 days to turn over, you see more full benefits as you work your way into the 2nd month!


Be sure to download our HOW TO brochures and background on this site, and if you want more, see my book on Amazon:  Phytoceramides: Anti Aging at its Best.

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– by Kathy Heshelow, founder
Sublime Beauty

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Book on Phytoceramides Available on Amazon

Get Your Kindle Book About Phytoceramides to Understand What They Can Do for Your Skin, and More


Author Kathy Heshelow with the Phytoceramide Book

“I wrote this booklet to help de-mystify Phytoceramides,” says Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty.

“When I discovered these all-natural supplements, I did my homework on them. Then I tested them for 2 months with great Cover-Template v4results, and decided they would be a good addition to the anti-aging products at Sublime Beauty.”

“Because they are relatively unknown in the U.S., I thought some deeper information and research would be important to share, and the book was born.”

If you are looking for natural ways to replenish what is lost with aging of skin, you should read this book.


Get your copy here on Amazon.


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Podcast Interview on eHealth Radio Network About Phytoceramides

Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty and author of “Phytoceramides: Anti Aging At Its Best” spoke on the eHealth Radio Network about Phytoceramides recently.

Radio Interview Microphone and Sublime Beauty LogoListen to the interview here!

Kathy demystifies the subject of Phytoceramides, and explains who they may be ideal for, what they do and what you need to know.

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Perfect Anti Aging Strategy

Phytoceramides are the Perfect Anti Aging Strategy and Your Secret Weapon to Healthier Skin.

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Phytoceramides are capsules of plant-based ceramides, identical to human ceramides, that you take daily. Ceramides are replenished at deep levels of the skin, so that it becomes softer, plumper, healthier – and younger.


Why is this needed?  We lose ceramides counts in our skin (the level of ceramides) because the body slows down each year with age and simply produces less. But they are vital, just like collagen!


Without ceramides, skin becomes thinner, dryer and less able to conduct its barrier functions. It just looks older, feels older and IS older!


Take one per day – how easy is that? – and replenish your skin back to a younger state.  See results in about a month, the time it takes skin to turn over and work its ways from the deep levels of creation to the surface.


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