Our Phytoceramides

The Sublime Beauty® Phytoceramides, as you have learned on this site, are the superior-type of Oryza Rice-derived type. Our label:


phytoceramide LABEL for Sublime Beauty



Note that 40 mgs of Rice-derived Phytoceramides outperforms 350 mgs of Wheat-derived Phytoceramides following clinical tests – and ours are Gluten-free! Our Phytoceramides (like many on the market) are fortified with Vitamins, anti-oxidants that are great for skin functioning and well-being. Available on SublimeBeautyShop and on Amazon.

We offer a limited-time 30% off discount with purchase of 2 or more bottles: code 30PHYTOC at either webstore!  Sublime Beauty offers a 100% Moneyback Guarantee on all our products so you can buy with confidence!


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