What Are Phytoceramides?

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What is the newest, exciting and very effective way to improve your aging skin?  Phytoceramides!

ceramides in human skinSimply put, Phytoceramides are pills using plant-derived (and identical to human) ceramides that allow effective delivery to your skin, replenishing what is lost with time and age.

Ceramides are lipids and they make up 40% of our skin. They are responsible for keeping the skin plump, healthy and moisturized, and they help form a protective barrier against the environment for us.

As we age, ceramides are not replenished as quickly and cannot be stored by the body. As the supplies diminish, skin becomes less moist, firm and plump which results in thinning of the outer layer of skin, dryness and wrinkles. By the way, the same thing happens to the Collagen in our skin.

Skin Chart in ColorAt Sublime Beauty®, our approach is to help you improve skin’s health from the outside-in AND from the inside-out!  We feature many great skincare products (creams & serums as well as Skin Brushes & oils) to help replenish what is lost through time and aging. Much of this boils down to a diminishment of collagen and ceramides.

During “cornification” (the formation of our outermost layer of skin, which turns over every month), living keratinocytes are transformed into non-living corneocytes and the cell membrane is replaced by a layer of ceramides. The ceramides become linked (as seen in yellow above).  This complex linking surrounds cells in the stratum corneum (outermost layer of skin) and contributes to the skin’s barrier function.

Phytoceramides will help your skin gain back the moisture, plumpness and thickness it had when you were younger and had more ceramides in the skin. Ceramides will also help protect collagen and provide a healthy environment.  Skin becomes softer, less rough, less dry, less damaged and more elastic and smooth.


Topical ceramides made their appearance in the 1990’s, first in high-end creams and then into lipsticks and cold creams. But, no matter how good your topical skin cream or lotion is, it cannot replace the structural barrier created by ceramides, and it cannot substitute for NATURALLY REPLENISHING the ceramides in the skin!



Types of Phytoceramides – and There is a Difference!

phytoceramide CHART rice vs wheat resultsThere are different types of Phytoceramides, with the widest choice in Rice (Oryza), Wheat, Sweet Potato and other types of plants (“phyto” means plant).  Rice-derived ceramides outperformed the other types by 35% in effectiveness and moisturizing effects.

The Sublime Beauty® Phytoceramides are the superior rice-derived. They are available at our webstore SublimeBeautyShop or on Amazon.



Kathy Heshelow, founder of Sublime Beauty, has just published a book to demystify and inform about Phytoceramides. Kindle Book now available:

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Here is a segment of the Dr. Oz show that discussed Phytoceramides – they called it “How to Face a Facelift” (sorry for the poor audio):